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About Hoz Shafiei

Hoz Shafiei, known for his fervent activism and political engagement, is a prominent figure in the Workers Party of Britain. As the National Election Coordinator, Hoz plays a crucial role in organising and strategising for the party’s electoral campaigns. His commitment to social justice and human rights is evident through his outspoken stance on various issues, particularly those concerning the Middle East.

Hoz’s background is as diverse as his professional journey. Iranian by blood, Arab by birth, Englishman by upbringing. Giving him a rich, multicultural perspective. This unique background has fuelled his passion for addressing global injustices and advocating for marginalised communities.

On social media, Hoz is known for his vocal support of Palestinian rights. He has frequently criticised international policies that he believes exacerbate the suffering of Palestinian people.

He has condemned the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza and called for an end to the support that countries like the UK and the US provide to Israel. His advocacy is not limited to social media; he also participates in various public forums and discussions to amplify his message.

Through his tireless efforts, Hoz continues to be a voice for the voiceless, striving to create a more equitable and just world.

His dedication to “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” guides his activism and community service, making him a compassionate and effective advocate for change.

my pledges

Hoz Shafiei’s Pledges

Investment in Public Services and Infrastructure

Hoz will work towards substantial investments in healthcare, education, and housing. This includes a commitment to building affordable housing and ensuring that every citizen has access to quality healthcare and educational opportunities. The aim is to rejuvenate the welfare state and address the systemic issues that have led to poverty and inequality. This pledge underscores the necessity of revitalising public services to support a fairer society.

Investment in Public Services and Infrastructure

Hoz will push for a foreign policy that opposes imperialist interventions and prioritises peace and justice. This includes advocating for the UK to cease military support for aggressive actions by foreign powers, particularly in conflict zones like Palestine. Hoz’s stance is rooted in his commitment to human rights and social justice on a global scale.

Tax Justice for Multinational Corporations

Hoz will advocate for rigorous policies to ensure that multinational conglomerates pay their fair share of taxes on revenue earned within the UK. This includes closing loopholes that allow companies to offshore profits and enforcing strict regulations that mandate tax payments where revenue is generated. This pledge focuses on recovering lost tax revenue and promoting economic fairness by ensuring that large corporations contribute to the public finances of the country they profit from.

Education for Workers and Social Mobility

Hoz will promote policies that ensure free access to first degrees and vocational training for all workers. This includes supporting initiatives for early years development to foster equality and social mobility from a young age. By providing free education and training, Hoz aims to equip workers with the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy and reduce barriers to social mobility, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive regardless of their background.

Protection and Expansion of Workers’ Rights

Hoz will champion legislation to enhance workers’ rights, ensuring fair wages, job security, and safe working conditions. This includes supporting the right to unionise and pushing for stronger protections against unfair dismissal. By advocating for comprehensive labour reforms, Hoz aims to empower workers and protect them from exploitation.

Nationalisation of Essential Services

Hoz will advocate for bringing essential services such as rail, water, and energy back into public ownership. This includes ensuring that these services are affordable, reliable, and prioritise public interest over private profit. By nationalising key services, Hoz aims to provide equitable access to essential resources, prevent exploitation by private companies, and ensure that these services are run efficiently for the benefit of all citizens.

Why vote for Workers Party?

Why vote WPB in Cities Of London And Westminster?

I have known Hoz since 1988. He was playing Lord Saladin the lawful good Holy Knight. But that is another story for another day. (But one which, if you ask Hoz, will at once amaze you whilst also demonstrating his eclectic nature, his youthful thinking, his imagination, leadership and his inbuilt sense of community. If you get a chance, ask him!) we have been friends ever since. He is a fiercely loyal man, longstanding relationships are important to him. This is a defining attribute of Hoz’s.

Hoz has known tragedy in his life, he has experienced financial troubles, lost businesses through political turmoil, no fault of his own and in every situation that disaster has struck, he bounces back. He is resilient to a core. His empathy, positivity and understanding carries him through life. These are more of his amazing attributes.
When some of good friends passed away, Hoz is the person who connects with their parents and is able to cross those generational barriers. Your gran would love him, he would love your gran. It’s the ancient Persian culture of family first that runs through his veins.

Hoz cares deeply about people, he stands up for the downtrodden and fights against injustice with a passion. He cannot abide a bully. The saying goes, ‘The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing’ With Hoz at your side evil will not triumph, he could not stand by.

Hoz is driven to act and started trying to influence change when he set up Lobbi, an organisation that looked to unite political parties from all sides in an effort to work together to find better solutions than those offered by our current system. Now he’s trying to change the system from within.

He will be brilliant whatever he does. He will certainly influence change. Give him the chance as an elected member of parliament.

James Kearns – Scientist, Gardener, Salesmen, Teacher

Hussain ‘Hoz’ Shafiei attended my wedding in Dhaka at the rural international development project where I was working. During this visit, Hoz’s humanity shone through in his interactions with the mothers and children living there. He was very keen to learn about the project, its purpose and its programmes, quickly identifying how he could contribute positively whilst there.
Hussain ‘Hoz’ Shafiei has overcome a variety of challenges whilst I have known him. He is a learner and has benefited from a diverse career. He had commercial success whilst working in Qatar, gaining, through experience, an developedunderstanding of how markets work, the intricacies of financeand the realities of running a business.

On returning to the UK in 2011, Hoz worked within the public sector to achieve progress towards universal access to democracy; at local, national and international levels. He ably demonstrated being able to work effectively within teams and engage communities to work towards common good.

Hoz is a committed internationalist and holds a global perspective. Throughout the 35 years I have known him, Hoz’s actions have shown him to be a compassionate individual who aims to address injustices in his community and around the world. He instinctively acts as an friend and advocate to people he meets. I am sure he would quickly take on this role as an elected Member.

Matthew Silvester – Parent, teacher, international development professional

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Our Key Policies

Decent, Affordable Social Housing

Social Housing was something this country pioneered back in the day. We want to return to this, but with a modern twist, to provide affordable, cost-effective housing produced for people to live in, but using automation to meet the high demand for housing due to a failed free-market system.

Nationalise the NHS

The NHS has been broken into a million pieces — all of them private. It’s time to return the NHS back into public hands, do away with all of the expensive and convoluted market systems within it, and turn it back into a system which is responsive to the people, and for which, parliament is responsible. No more highly-expensive and useless PFI contracts.

Community-led Redevelopment

We will deliver mass-produced housing which will be affordable, and will provide families with homes of good quality. This will be done not by wasteful investment projects or private firms, but with automation and community-led building plans so that what gets developed in a community is what the community want, not what multi-national corporations want.

Bring in Children’s Online Wellbeing Act

We want to protect our children from addictive social media that leads to mental health, lack of confidence and self-harm issues. We want to limit enhanced content and all advertising to under-18s. That means taking on big Social Media companies in the Parliament to protect our future.

None of the mainstream parties would dare take on big corporate social media companies. This reason alone should be enough for you to vote for an independent party this election.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza

We are not afraid to call it what it is – Genocide! Most people agree with us, but the mainstream parties are simply ignoring the people. Make your vote Count! We do, by also supporting students!

Starmer’s Labour stands for relative reticence to criticise Israel. He said they have the right to cut off all water, food and electricity. He has never condemned any of the bombing of refugee camps killing hundreds at a time. That is unforgivable.

Reduce Bills – Nationalise the Utilities

Water and the Rail sectors are the prime examples of disastrous privatisation by Labour and the Tories. We stand for nationalising the utilities.

Labour – a supposedly left-wing party, can’t even name 3 industries they would nationalise.

For the full national manifesto of Workers Party of Britains follow this link.