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About Ahsan Ullah

I am extremely proud to share the values and vision of our party leader and seven-time MP, Mr George Galloway; a man that whose decades long struggle against apartheid and Human rights is simply unparalleled.

With an entrepreneurial career that spans more than two decades, I have created and grown businesses both home and abroad. I have interests in the Legal and care sectors. I firmly stand and vouch for the notion that our country must prioritise its spending on its own public as to being party to the continuous and unwarranted military operations conducted abroad, killing tens of thousands of innocent women and children in the process.

Under my tenure, I shall instil my focus on listening to and addressing the issues presented to me by my constituents; I shall aim to hold three weekly surgeries with the view to address the large variety of complaints and issues put to me by the public during our campaign. I look forward to establishing myself as a frequent and a potent voice for Croydon, inside the Houses of Commons. I shall use my experience in the legal sector with the view to lobbying pressing and sensitive issues such Immigration and housing disrepair.

I have always led from the front in all aspects of my life. During the forty-three times that I have been around the Sun, I have not felt anything more rewarding than to spend my time and energy on Charitable causes.

Education and healthcare are critical areas where I believe we can make significant improvements. I shall lobby and push for policies that provide parents with more choices and more importantly control over the content of their children’s education and the important decisions that need to be made on their behalf.

I shall focus on promoting the youth to be actively engaged in sports and vocational training with the view to encourage early interest in career development, focus on job creation and stamped down the levels of high unemployment which serves as a catalyst to soaring crime rates.

I was born and raised in London; Apart from my mother tongue, I have a strong and fluent command over Urdu (written and spoken), Punjabi and Hindi (spoken).

I shall serve my constituency with a colour blind lens, championing the virtues Justice and Equality for all constituents of West Croydon regardless of their race, gender, creed and faith; whilst never forgetting the great benefits and privileges this country and its people have bestowed on my.

I look forward to getting on with it on the 5th of July 2024.

Ahsan Ullah.

my pledges

Ahsan Ullah’s Pledges

  • Public Ownership: I pledge to advocate for the public ownership of key industries and services, to ensure they are run for the benefit of all, not the profit of a few.
  • Decent Housing: I pledge to fight for the provision of decent housing for all, recognizing that everyone has a right to a safe and comfortable place to live.
  • Protect the NHS: I pledge to protect our National Health Service, ensuring it remains free at the point of use and is fully funded and staffed.
  • Workers’ Rights: I pledge to stand up for workers’ rights, advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, and the right to organize and strike.
  • Education for All: I pledge to work towards providing quality education and training opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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Our Key Policies

Decent, Affordable Social Housing

Social Housing was something this country pioneered back in the day. We want to return to this, but with a modern twist, to provide affordable, cost-effective housing produced for people to live in, but using automation to meet the high demand for housing due to a failed free-market system.

Nationalise the NHS

The NHS has been broken into a million pieces — all of them private. It’s time to return the NHS back into public hands, do away with all of the expensive and convoluted market systems within it, and turn it back into a system which is responsive to the people, and for which, parliament is responsible. No more highly-expensive and useless PFI contracts.

Community-led Redevelopment

We will deliver mass-produced housing which will be affordable, and will provide families with homes of good quality. This will be done not by wasteful investment projects or private firms, but with automation and community-led building plans so that what gets developed in a community is what the community want, not what multi-national corporations want.

Bring in Children’s Online Wellbeing Act

We want to protect our children from addictive social media that leads to mental health, lack of confidence and self-harm issues. We want to limit enhanced content and all advertising to under-18s. That means taking on big Social Media companies in the Parliament to protect our future.

None of the mainstream parties would dare take on big corporate social media companies. This reason alone should be enough for you to vote for an independent party this election.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza

We are not afraid to call it what it is – Genocide! Most people agree with us, but the mainstream parties are simply ignoring the people. Make your vote Count! We do, by also supporting students!

Starmer’s Labour stands for relative reticence to criticise Israel. He said they have the right to cut off all water, food and electricity. He has never condemned any of the bombing of refugee camps killing hundreds at a time. That is unforgivable.

Reduce Bills – Nationalise the Utilities

Water and the Rail sectors are the prime examples of disastrous privatisation by Labour and the Tories. We stand for nationalising the utilities.

Labour – a supposedly left-wing party, can’t even name 3 industries they would nationalise.

For the full national manifesto of Workers Party of Britains follow this link.