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About me

About Dr Guy Anthony Haywood

I have worked at an NHS Hospital for 27 years fixing people’s hearts. I know that many people in Plymouth can’t afford the basics for the people they love. This affects both physical and mental health.

Over those 27 years while families in Plymouth got poorer Labour and Tory governments have spent huge sums of our money on senseless wars in order to please the US government.

Wars that have killed millions including children and when they come back, our armed forces are left to struggle with PTSD. We are not a colony of the USA

Our money should be spent so that no child in this country lives in poverty, everyone has top class free education and our NHS is rebuilt to care for the population as it was always meant to, free and without waiting lists. The 10 point programme of the Workers Party spells out how we can support all working people and have a better fairer Britain

Why vote for us?

Why vote for Workers Party of Britain?

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Our Ten point plan

Our ten point plan for Britain

  1. An end to imperialist wars and financial domination, starting with withdrawal from NATO.
  2. Rebuild British industry and abolish the antiworker ‘rationalisation’ that puts profits ahead of people to provide useful, secure jobs for all in decent conditions, with living wages, paid holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.
  3. Decent, cheap, secure housing for all.
  4. High-quality, free pre-school childcare and education, followed by high-quality, free, lifelong education and vocational training.
  5. Free and comprehensive healthcare with no waiting lists, accompanied by easy access to cheap and nutritious food.
  6. Public, high quality laundries, crèches and dining facilities that enable women to take part in work and public life without prejudice or physical barriers.
  7. High-quality, free provision of all necessary support services for the disabled, as well as the elderly. Full state support to enable families to look after their elderly, with nursing homes and sheltered accommodation for those in need of it, so that all workers are able to live full, dignified and meaningful lives.
  8. Universal access to a cheap or free fully-integrated public transport system and all essential amenities: water, sanitation, heating, electricity, post, telephone, internet.
  9. Open and easy access to all forms of culture and the media.
  10. A government that prioritises giving resources to the solving of urgent problems such as the need to live sustainably and protect our natural environment, putting science at the service of the people.

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Our Key Policies

Decent, Affordable Social Housing

Social Housing was something this country pioneered back in the day. We want to return to this, but with a modern twist, to provide affordable, cost-effective housing produced for people to live in, but using automation to meet the high demand for housing due to a failed free-market system.

Nationalise the NHS

The NHS has been broken into a million pieces — all of them private. It’s time to return the NHS back into public hands, do away with all of the expensive and convoluted market systems within it, and turn it back into a system which is responsive to the people, and for which, parliament is responsible. No more highly-expensive and useless PFI contracts.

Community-led Redevelopment

We will deliver mass-produced housing which will be affordable, and will provide families with homes of good quality. This will be done not by wasteful investment projects or private firms, but with automation and community-led building plans so that what gets developed in a community is what the community want, not what multi-national corporations want.

Bring in Children’s Online Wellbeing Act

We want to protect our children from addictive social media that leads to mental health, lack of confidence and self-harm issues. We want to limit enhanced content and all advertising to under-18s. That means taking on big Social Media companies in the Parliament to protect our future.

None of the mainstream parties would dare take on big corporate social media companies. This reason alone should be enough for you to vote for an independent party this election.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza

We are not afraid to call it what it is – Genocide! Most people agree with us, but the mainstream parties are simply ignoring the people. Make your vote Count! We do, by also supporting students!

Starmer’s Labour stands for relative reticence to criticise Israel. He said they have the right to cut off all water, food and electricity. He has never condemned any of the bombing of refugee camps killing hundreds at a time. That is unforgivable.

Reduce Bills – Nationalise the Utilities

Water and the Rail sectors are the prime examples of disastrous privatisation by Labour and the Tories. We stand for nationalising the utilities.

Labour – a supposedly left-wing party, can’t even name 3 industries they would nationalise.

For the full national manifesto of Workers Party of Britains follow this link.