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About Heiko Bernard Khoo

To the people of Putney,

The last five years saw the biggest transfer of wealth, from the poor to the rich, in history. Hundreds of millions around the world were driven into poverty and hunger, exacerbating conflicts and accelerating waves of global migration. In Britain, the price of energy, food, rent, mortgage repayments and other basics of life rose dramatically, forcing millions into penury. 

I joined the Labour Party in 1980 and supported Jeremy Corbyn from 2015 onwards. As Labour became the biggest party in Europe, Corbyn’s leadership was sabotaged. The Israel lobby smeared him with false allegations of anti-Semitism, lies that were promoted by Keir Starmer. Starmer backs Israel’s genocide and said that Israel has the right to cut off power and water to Gaza, which is a war crime. British warplanes conduct reconnaissance missions for Israel and our weapons have rained down on women and children. I stand with the people of Palestine in their liberation struggle against Israeli occupation and apartheid.

The Labour Party no longer represents the working class. Tory MPs are welcomed with open arms while long standing party members are smeared, slandered, silenced or expelled. We in the Workers’ Party are building a mass socialist party to replace the Labour Party.

Under Covid, as Dominic Cummings explained to a House of Commons investigative committee, an international pandemic “network of Bill Gates-type people” pressured national governments to act as if we were at war, imposing dictatorial powers, repressing free speech and free movement, and curtailing ourdemocratic right to protest. While Downing Street held parties, people were brutally arrested for petty breaches of lockdown regulations. Big Tech and Big Pharma assumed command over decision-making and accumulated trillions, while our children were deprived of education, patients were deniedessential treatment and the elderly died alone, parting from their families on Zoom. In fact the measures taken – social distancing, masks, lockdowns, the closure of work, leisure and entertainment etc. – were based on flimsy scientific evidence. Science that was manipulated to serve malign interests.

We now know that Covid vaccines were neither â€śsafe” nor â€śeffective”. A British Medical Journal report from 4 June 2024 identifies more than three million excess deaths in the Western World since 2020, much of this excess cannot be attributed to Covid. This supports what Dr John Campbell, Andrew Bridgen MPand other critics of the vaccine rollout have said. In the new parliament, the unfolding Covid vaccine scandal will make the recent Post Office and infected blood scandals pale into insignificance. As your MP, I will work to secure the maximum compensation for victims and campaign to uncover the whole truth about what happened under Covid, bringing those responsible to account and legislating to ensure this nightmare never happens again.

Just as the “War on the Virus” ended, yellow and blue flags were hoisted over government buildings, and Vladimir Putin was cast as our main enemy. The living standards of the British people were slashed to pay for this futile, barbaric and entirely avoidable war. More than two years on, Ukrainian and Russian soldiers continue to slaughter each other in trench warfare, with Britain and others supplying weapons. Unbelievably, Joe Biden, Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak now want to escalate and extend the war with direct attacks on Russian territory.

British society needs a truly dramatic transformation, where science, technology, the economy and government are made to serve the needs and demands of the people.

Heiko Khoo

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What The Workers Party stands for

  • No to Imperialist Wars – We demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza: end arms sales and support for Israel. Stop sending weapons to fan the flames of war in Ukraine: call a referendum on Britain’s membership of NATO. We stand up for oppressed people and nations everywhere: and fight for economic and social justice and development.
  • Oppose Culture Wars – Unite the Working Class – Say no to divisive culture wars that engineer public debate for sinister interests and ideologies. We support free speech, free debate and mutual respect for those who disagree. We stand for the unity of the working classes of all nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and faiths, regardless of sex or sexual orientation. We stand for freedom to dissent and to enjoy your private life and lifestyle choices.
  • End the Pollution of our Rivers, Seas, Air & Land – We will take stern action against companies polluting our environment, with sewage, chemicals etc. However, we oppose ULEZ and other schemes that penalise the working class and small businesses in the name of the environment. We call for a rational, open and democratic debate on climate change mitigation measures in advance of a referendum on Net Zero policies.
  • Health, Wellbeing and Collective Life – Stop the plunder of the National Health Service by private profiteers exploiting public-private partnerships. Re-nationalise the NHS and bring Big Pharma under public control or public ownership. Encourage sport, exercise, quality nutrition, and the blossoming of collective social life, as an antidote to dependence on pharmaceuticals, drug and alcohol addiction, and to counter the mental health crisis.
  • Redistribute Wealth to Working people – Raise the people’s living standards. Abolish income tax for those earning less than ÂŁ21,200. Impose rent controls, invest in a massive programme of council and social housing to end the housing shortage. Revive cradle to the grave welfare state provision that supports families and childbirth, with creches, public laundries etc. Provide good quality and free school meals for all. Abolish tuition fees and incentivise lifelong learning. Guarantee the right to retire at 60 and create a world class social and family care system for the elderly.
  • Banking, Investment & Public Ownership – Make finance and the Bank of England serve working class priorities. For a massive programme of investment in public infrastructure: roads, railways, schools, hospitals and housing etc. Where needed, take strategic and monopoly industries into public ownership, starting with energy, water and the railways.
  • Digital Life, Keep Cash, & Put Humans First – Social and economic life must be open to everyone, regardless of whether they have access to the internet, mobile phones or bank cards. Keep cash, bring back cashiers, stop the slide towards universal dependence on digitisation and automation, and the constant encroachment of the surveillance state. Put humans back at the centre of life not AI and machines.
  • Decentralise Power & Democratise Work and Management – Empower the people, decentralise power to local government and foster broad popular participation in decision making. Demystify power, encourage workers to learn management and administration, by bringing workers onto the supervisory boards of companies. In this way we can free corporate management from the diktats of profit-seeking shareholders, so that companies work for the common good.  

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Our Key Policies

Decent, Affordable Social Housing

Social Housing was something this country pioneered back in the day. We want to return to this, but with a modern twist, to provide affordable, cost-effective housing produced for people to live in, but using automation to meet the high demand for housing due to a failed free-market system.

Nationalise the NHS

The NHS has been broken into a million pieces — all of them private. It’s time to return the NHS back into public hands, do away with all of the expensive and convoluted market systems within it, and turn it back into a system which is responsive to the people, and for which, parliament is responsible. No more highly-expensive and useless PFI contracts.

Community-led Redevelopment

We will deliver mass-produced housing which will be affordable, and will provide families with homes of good quality. This will be done not by wasteful investment projects or private firms, but with automation and community-led building plans so that what gets developed in a community is what the community want, not what multi-national corporations want.

Bring in Children’s Online Wellbeing Act

We want to protect our children from addictive social media that leads to mental health, lack of confidence and self-harm issues. We want to limit enhanced content and all advertising to under-18s. That means taking on big Social Media companies in the Parliament to protect our future.

None of the mainstream parties would dare take on big corporate social media companies. This reason alone should be enough for you to vote for an independent party this election.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza

We are not afraid to call it what it is – Genocide! Most people agree with us, but the mainstream parties are simply ignoring the people. Make your vote Count! We do, by also supporting students!

Starmer’s Labour stands for relative reticence to criticise Israel. He said they have the right to cut off all water, food and electricity. He has never condemned any of the bombing of refugee camps killing hundreds at a time. That is unforgivable.

Reduce Bills – Nationalise the Utilities

Water and the Rail sectors are the prime examples of disastrous privatisation by Labour and the Tories. We stand for nationalising the utilities.

Labour – a supposedly left-wing party, can’t even name 3 industries they would nationalise.

For the full national manifesto of Workers Party of Britains follow this link.