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About Adam James Goodfellow

I first became involved in the Labour (Trade Union) movement when I was 19 and quickly went from a Shop Steward within a local authority to a branch Youth Secretary with the GMB union. This catapulted me into the world of national conferences with the GMB, TUC and Labour.
The abolition of “Clause 4” was still rather fresh in the minds of many Labour voters, Privatisation (the selling off of the family Silver) and PfI contracts looked like the golden ticket to continued economic prosperity, not to mention selling most of the Gold reserves at historic low prices.

Look at us now, Railtrack lasted just 8 years before being bought back into public hands and after 35 years of private ownership, a very wet winter and many healthy shareholders dividends you and I are effectively using our rivers and seas as toilets. Accountants use the term “sweat the assets” but the consequences of this go further than the financial year that is on their spreadsheet, I prefer an engineering standpoint.
Local authorities had been instructed to restrict rises in taxation to near zero and seek economies to balance the books which they duly did. Come the economic crisis of 2007 further economies had to be found and communities slowly but surely lost out more and more.
I have spent the intervening years in the building trade and then took a full time job that lead to a management position within a large corporate – valuable experience that has taught me that the bigger the organisation the more difficult it is to effect change, but put in the unseen hard work at an early stage and the fruit it eventually bears is all the more sweet.
When the chips were really down in 2022 as inflation ran riot many Local Authorities either went bankrupt or went into some kind of new lockdown with phone systems that send you round in circles, in the unlikely event you get through to someone they simply tell you that your issue is one for some other authority than theirs; this must change.

I decided to put politics on the “back-burner” in 2008 and the fire was only reignited in March 2024 when I read of George Galloway’s historic landslide in the Rochdale by-election. I joined of his party within a heartbeat of reading the “Ten Points”, let alone reading the manifesto.
The “Labour Party” that continues to present itself as the party of the worker is very much a spent force that has lost all respect for its founding principles, Tory’s wearing red ties.
Standing for a young and relatively unknown party is not easy, but achieving seismic political change never has or will be; the labour movement can trace it roots back to a very hard won struggle.
To those that say they intend to support Labour simply because “they always have” I implore to do some homework to establish if Labour still actually support them. To those that intend to support Labour just because they think everyone else will I accuse of cowardice – there are other choices!
To those that feel the need to exercise their democratic right to vote but are still undecided I ask that they consider that they do so for myself and the Workers Party, whilst I clearly have some experience I haven’t spent my whole working life rising up through the political ranks and becoming indoctrinated into the system. The best way to change any system is from within but I cannot do it without your support.

my pledges

Adam James Goodfellow’s Pledges

  • Public Services: I pledge to fight for the public ownership of our key services, ensuring they are run for the benefit of all, not just a few.
  • Living Wage: I pledge to advocate for a living wage for all workers, recognizing that everyone deserves to earn a wage that meets their basic needs.
  • Healthcare: I pledge to protect our National Health Service, ensuring it remains free at the point of use and is fully funded and staffed.

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This country deserves change — part of the way you can contribute towards that is by voting for a party that actually stands by what it says. That opposes the genocide in Gaza, and wants real change, right now.

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Our Key Policies

Decent, Affordable Social Housing

Social Housing was something this country pioneered back in the day. We want to return to this, but with a modern twist, to provide affordable, cost-effective housing produced for people to live in, but using automation to meet the high demand for housing due to a failed free-market system.

Nationalise the NHS

The NHS has been broken into a million pieces — all of them private. It’s time to return the NHS back into public hands, do away with all of the expensive and convoluted market systems within it, and turn it back into a system which is responsive to the people, and for which, parliament is responsible. No more highly-expensive and useless PFI contracts.

Community-led Redevelopment

We will deliver mass-produced housing which will be affordable, and will provide families with homes of good quality. This will be done not by wasteful investment projects or private firms, but with automation and community-led building plans so that what gets developed in a community is what the community want, not what multi-national corporations want.

Bring in Children’s Online Wellbeing Act

We want to protect our children from addictive social media that leads to mental health, lack of confidence and self-harm issues. We want to limit enhanced content and all advertising to under-18s. That means taking on big Social Media companies in the Parliament to protect our future.

None of the mainstream parties would dare take on big corporate social media companies. This reason alone should be enough for you to vote for an independent party this election.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza

We are not afraid to call it what it is – Genocide! Most people agree with us, but the mainstream parties are simply ignoring the people. Make your vote Count! We do, by also supporting students!

Starmer’s Labour stands for relative reticence to criticise Israel. He said they have the right to cut off all water, food and electricity. He has never condemned any of the bombing of refugee camps killing hundreds at a time. That is unforgivable.

Reduce Bills – Nationalise the Utilities

Water and the Rail sectors are the prime examples of disastrous privatisation by Labour and the Tories. We stand for nationalising the utilities.

Labour – a supposedly left-wing party, can’t even name 3 industries they would nationalise.

For the full national manifesto of Workers Party of Britains follow this link.